Welcome to Auberge du Chateau La Table des Blot
Charming hotel in Hotel Versailles et Rambouillet, Vallee de Chevreuse

Take an extraordinary gastronomic journey in the Chevreuse Valley bathed in the light of the Ile-de-France.
With Christophe manning the ovens and Sylvie taking your orders, witness the teamwork of talent
and skill with the sumptuous Chateau de Dampierre for a backdrop. In a refined rustic universe punctuated with contemporary touches and colour,
Michelin star-winning Chef Christophe Blot will you guide along the pathway of flavours, creativity
and memories with delectable recipes passed down from his grandmother, refashioned and made lighter just for you.
Between Versailles and Rambouillet... a locality with soul, cuisine with personality and stunning tables for special occasions.

Hotel Versailles et Rambouillet

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Hotel Versailles et Rambouillet

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Auberge du Chateau La Table des Blot - Haut débit
Auberge du Chateau La Table des Blot - High speed

La Table des Blot – Auberge du Château – Sylvie et Christophe Blot - 1, Grande Rue – 780720 Dampierre - France - Phone : +33 (0)1 30 47 56 56 - Fax : +33 (0)1 30 47 51 75 - Email : info@latabledesblot.com
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